Sauna with electric heater, smoke sauna and salt chamber

A healing half-hour in dry “salt mist” (salt-aerosol) environment that encourages the respiratory tract and skin.
You may also enjoy the hot tub and the smoke sauna, this is a special type of sauna without a chimney. The pleasure of sauna is possible to get from sauna with electric heater located near the lake.

Suitsusaun Lõuna-Eestis | Tervistav soolakamber Rõuges

Smoke sauna and hot tub

A smoke sauna is a traditional Estonian sauna in which the flue gases generated during heating are not discharged from the room through the chimney. The heater stones are above the heating hearth, the flames heat the stones directly and the smoke rises directly through the heater into the surrounding space. Some of the smoke can be released from the sauna room through air vents or hatches.
In 2014, the smoke sauna was included in the UNESCO list of the intangible heritage of the Estonian Võro ​​Smoke Sauna customs.

Hot tub – this is a round waterproof container made of wood, which is heated from the outside. Our hot tub also has bubbles and lighting. Especially nice with cold winter weather!

Sauna with electric heater

Sauna with electric heater has two rooms and big terrace. If the heating of the smoke sauna takes half a day, then this sauna will be warm in a few hours. Since the sauna is located right next to our swimming area and a small sandy beach, it is especially nice to jump into the lake from there.

Salt Chamber

Salt treatment is a natural procedure during which you relax in dry “salt mist” (salt-aerosol) environment. The treatment helps with respiratory problem, strengthens body’s ability to fight infectious disease, and relieves skin issues (e.g. psoriasis)During the procedure, respiratory system and skin are under the influence of dry salt. Closed chamber is filled with salt mist, which heals upon inhalation. Salt helps to open airways and lessens or stops wheezing. Skin issues are relieved due to salt acting as a disinfectant. Salt treatment is also known to help those trying to quit smoking!
Session lasts 30 minutes. Course of 5 sessions is recommended for best results, yet even one session is very enjoyable and healing.

People with following conditions should not use salt treatment:

  • bronchial asthma or difficult cases of chronic bronchitis
  • coughing up blood
  • acute or chronic kidney disease
  • hypertension stage II and III
  • arrhythmia or severe coronary insufficiencies
  • suspicion of a tumor or prior occurrences of malignant tumors
  • continuous hormonal treatment
  • history of bronchial tuberculosis

Visiting salt chamber is at your own risk. If you are not sure that it is safe for you, please consult with your doctor first!